An Ode to My Fiber Optic Snowman

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Even with three writing topics to choose from, this writer is having difficulty writing.

It should have been easy: Choose one of the writing prompts (courtesy of Creative Stretch #5) and write for 15 minutes. My problem is that I want every entry to be spectacular . . . and that standard paralyzes.

So I’m shunning my delusions of grandeur and getting busy with prompt 2: Free-write for 15 minutes about your favorite whatever (food, coffee, landscape, shirt, animal).

Get ready, people. Here is a 15-minute ode to my fiber optic snowman.


You know what I love about decorating for Christmas? It provides the annual opportunity to deck the halls with all manner of sparkle and tinsel and twinkle lights aplenty. It’s the one time of year that trinkets and tchotchkes don’t make me feel antsy.

My fiber optic snowman. Isn't he cute?!

And there is one piece in particular that has a place of honor on my fireplace mantle. It’s not a treasured family heirloom or a precious nativity scene. It’s an 18-inch resin snowman with fiber optic dazzle on his scarf and hat. (This is proof that I am not always a serious, brooding writer.)

Mr. Snowman followed me home from Target a few years ago. Better than a puppy, this little guy is quiet, stationary, and doesn’t make messes—he’s a keeper!

Each year, as I unload the Christmas decorations, Mr. Snowman is the first to get unpacked. His sparkle and light show spur me on to great decorating feats. (By feat I mean that I get it done.) And every year, I am grinning with joy when I plug him in and his little fiber-optic strands do their thing. I love the marketing fluff on the box: “changes color before your eyes” . . . like it’s magic. And it just may be.

The best way to appreciate Mr. Snowman is in a darkened room—which I make a point of doing each Christmas.

The changing colors bounce off the walls like a kaleidoscope, ever changing, like a sunset painted across a summer sky. Sunsets are enjoyed in the moment, for they cannot be captured and held. And so it is with Mr. Snowman—he comes out each year for just a little while, but he—and time—cannot be captured and kept. All must be enjoyed in the moment, savored and appreciated before time slips away.

Mr. Snowman’s happy countenance reminds me to take pleasure in little things, in pretty things. He reminds me to stop and enjoy the sparkle and tinsel and twinkle lights aplenty. After the decorating hubbub, it is such a shame not to stop and drink it all in. Sadly, Christmas is often busier than any other time of year, leaving but a few moments to be overwhelmed by the splendor.

This fiber optic wonder has quite a job each year: decorating cheerleader, sage, mood enhancer. He handles the pressure quite well. I think it’s due to his annual 11-month hibernation.

Mr. Snowman will be available for viewing through December if you’d like to meet him.


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  • http://www.practicingjoy.blogspot.com Leah

    This is light and fun. I love it! I think my three-year-old would be enthralled.

    • http://gravatar.com/velshirley velshirleyVelinda

      Can yu give me the brand name, I have been looking for this same snowman and can’t find it.

      • http://fillingmypatchofsky.com erinstraza

        Leah, no brand on it, just made by Target. I hear it’s tough to find! But I’ve had it for many years, and I don’t think they made them more than 1 season. I hope you find one!! —Erin

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  • Melissa


    I have a favor to ask of you…I have this same snowman and have loved it as well! However, the power adapter broke and I threw it away. Now I am trying to purchase another adapter and realize that there is nothing in the box that would indicate what adapter I need. Would you mind looking at your adapter and telling me any info that is written on it? I would greatly appreciate it!

    Melissa—I just e-mail you w/some info from the adapter. Let me know if it helps. —es

    • shannon

      i will buy your snowman if you decide to get rid of it. we were putting our out tonight and my wife dropped hers and broke it. she cried for an hour because it was her favorite christmas decoration. or if melissa wants to sell hers without the adapter. my adapter is still good.

      I can’t tell you how sad it made me to think of breaking my happy snowman! If I ever decide to sell him, I will contact you first. —es

  • Tony Marino

    I have had one for a long time and the motor just today stopped working. I have tried to find another one with no luck so far. I am sad as this is my favorite christmas decoration.

    • Erin Straza

      oh no! I hadn’t even thought of that happening. Sorry to hear it and I hope you find a way to fix him!

    • Christine Armentrout

      Mine died last year too…I want to fix him but cant figure it out 🙁 He is sitting, without his glorious lights, on a table as the center piece. I refuse to throw him out <3

      • erin

        There’s no way I could get rid of mine either, but I will be heartbroken once it stops lighting up. He’s just so happy.

  • http://Www.youravon.com/sanderson2349 Sharon

    Hey guys, Happy Holidays!! I’ve had mine for years too, and yes, my fav!!! Bummer is, he also took a spell for the worse this year!! Any of you find him to buy new??

    • erin

      oh no! I’m sorry yours isn’t working. I’ve not seen one in years… if only that manufacturer knew of its cult following!!

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