Dwelling in All the Moments of 2016

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Too often my mind is set on another time or place instead of the one I’m currently inhabiting. I’m present but not, half listening, half invested, torn between whatever is and whatever is coming next. Distraction as a way of life isn’t good. It reveals deep-seated egocentricity and self-dependence. Recognizing…

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2015 Rise + Shine: The Year in Review

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Twelve months of the year 2015 have come and gone. It feels like forever ago that I wrote some dreams and embarked on my Rise + Shine vision. But here we are, nonetheless, and it’s time for some reflection. As most years, 2015 had some rough spots. I’m still having…

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How Will You Tend Your Soul in 2016?

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With just about two weeks left in 2015, it’s time. I’m reviewing the past 12 months and thinking ahead to a new year. Which involves all sorts of pondering and praying and dreaming—everything I love to do. Details of my 2015 review and 2016 dreams are forthcoming, but one idea…

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If Linus Is Right, We’re Sharing Our Faith All Wrong

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“There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people…religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.” —Linus, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown   Common etiquette from the mid-1800s advised savvy conversationalists to avoid religion and politics. These topics were not considered polite because of the strong emotions often…

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Faith Is a Work in Progress

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People who claim to have no qualms about their faith make me question how often their lives actually depend upon it. It is when faith is pulled off the shelf and put to use that you notice its quirks. You can’t see the oddities when faith is only for display…

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Three Cheers for Progress on 2015 Goals

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Welcome to the second quarter of 2015! We’re three months into the new year—how are you doing on your 2015 goals? It’s possible your goals have faded to the background by now. That happens. Mine keep slipping into the shadows, and I’ve had to coax them back into the light…

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Finding Rest as I Run

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Now that we’ve hit the back side of March, I think it is safe to speak of winter drawing to a close. Here in central Illinois, this winter was typical—several weeks of brutal cold and wind along with a fair amount of snow and ice. Not the worst, but bad…

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