I Don’t Even Like Zombies

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How does a person who doesn’t even like zombies (or creepiness of any sort) start a 31-day writing challenge titled “Wake up from Zombie-Like Faith“? Good question. And valid, because it’s true: I don’t do scary, and zombies fall right into that category. As evidence: once my brother-in-law cued up…

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2016 Dwell Here: The Year in Review

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With just a few days remaining in 2016, I’ve been thinking about the past 12 months and the goals I had hoped to reach (or in some cases merely move toward). My review process is nothing too fancy—just a look at my 2016 goals and an assessment of what happened….

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The Thirst That Drives Busy Living

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A writing life often keeps me cloistered, with my thoughts, my journal, my laptop. Earlier this week, after hours of seclusion in my cave (i.e., my windowless basement office), I needed food and water and a break. After cobbling together a lunch, I began eating as I stood in the…

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To Pray Is to Change

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For all the ways of communicating, writing comes easiest for me. It is much more natural for me to first work things out on paper or keyboard before speaking them aloud. I am the opposite of a verbal processor. This may be why prayer has always been difficult for me….

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