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By June 6, 2010 culture 3 Comments

Now that the kiddies are out of school, it’s time for summer reading programs. One of the local libraries here always hosts a great kids’ program and also hosts one for kids-at-heart. They call it A.R.K.S.: Adults Reading Kids’ Stuff.

Last year was my first go at it, and I loved it. So I’m back for round two. This year’s program theme has a Wild West flair. They’re looking to round-up some readers with adorable Wanted! posters and fliers.

I have until Monday, August 9, to read 25 books:

[6] Reader’s Choice
[6] Picture Book / Fiction Book
[6] Nonfiction / Biography / Fairy Tale
[2] Series Book / Graphic Novel
[2] Beginning to Read / Easy Reader
[2] Award Book / Book on CD
[1] Questioned Book / Book by Illinois Author

There are prizes to be gained after reading five books and then again after reading 15, with the grand prize coming after reading all 25.

Isn’t it great to get prizes for doing something you wanted to do anyhow? What a treat.

Here’s to the summer reading rodeo!

  • http://practicingjoy.blogspot.com/ Leah

    I love this program and can’t wait to see what you read! Rachel and I want to get through Caddie Woodlawn. I think that’s a Newbery?

    Leah—I’ve not heard of Caddie Woodlawn, but I’m going to look that one up! As I pulled my first stack of books, I was thinking of you, wondering what books you might suggest for this year. Last year you recommended The Giver, which was a favorite. Any suggestions for this year? —es

    • Leah

      I’d suggest Tuck Everlasting. Have you read that one? I couldn’t find it at our library so placed a hold to get it from another. It’s another book like The Giver that makes you think! The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth Speare is another good one. (Anything by Elizabeth Speare is good!) Micah recommends My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George.

      Thanks for the titles! I will jot them down for my next library visit. I’ve heard of Tuck Everlasting—was that made into a movie? I’ll have to search for that one. —es

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