Waiting for Miracles

By July 20, 2014 faith 4 Comments

Day 11, Chapter 11

When tragedy strikes, our gut reaction is to question why. People who do not think of God much any other time will often assign blame or fault when the pain of life kicks in. I think it’s not much different for people who follow Jesus—we too wonder why God allows specific things to befall, even if we have a grid of faith by which we process life.

Mary and Martha both questioned Jesus like this when their brother, Lazarus, died. When he got sick, they sent word for Jesus, because they knew He could heal their brother and they also knew Jesus cared for them very deeply. But Jesus did not come right away, and Lazarus died. Four days later, when Jesus arrived, both Mary and Martha, in turn, said to Jesus, “If You had been here, my brother would not have died” (John 11:21, 32, NASB).

How often do I think and say something similar? I wonder if Jesus has stayed away for four days when I have too much work and too little time . . . when there is silence in prayer for guidance and decisions . . . when the same old struggles keep me entangled. I too say, “If You had been here, I would not be in this pain.”

Today, I offer up these empty places, and I choose to wait for my Jesus, who promises to never leave me, but often waits for the perfect time to show His power over the brokenness of life. Before Jesus brought Lazarus back to life—let that sink in!—He wept with Mary and Martha, grieving with them over loss and pain. I choose to trust that Jesus does this with me too, grieving with me in tragedy, even though He knows the sort of miracle coming next.

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If you missed Days 1–11, no worries! Start with us tomorrow for Day 12, Chapter 12. All are welcome!

  • Heather Brown

    Just last week I said a prayer of safety for a friend heading off to a camping trip for the weekend. I sent her my prayer over a text. That evening a pot of boiling water broke and spilled all down her leg. She has severe 2nd degree burns and the pain was greater than anything she has ever experienced. I admit, I was angry with God even though I still absolutely trusted him.

    Today, this chapter spoke to me in this situation. Sometimes bad things happen, but Jesus is there, and he feels deeply for us. The bad thing might still happen but if we keep our eyes open and fixed on him the BIG MIRACLE is coming and he will hold us every moment in between.

    • erin

      Heather, I completely understand that! Prayers unanswered have to be the toughest thing about walking in faith. Whenever I’m waffling, I think about Job’s sifting, and I imagine God saying to Satan, Go ahead, test him with trials. But my Job won’t waver, even in the face of the worst you can hand him. I want to have that sort of resolve! Thanks for sharing this.

  • http://inthedustofmyrabbi.wordpress.com laurakarr

    I love that Jesus understands our pain of grief….. What a great high priest!!!

    The one thing that has me so convicted is the faith of Mary and Martha to ask Jesus to raise Lazarus from the dead. When I pray and ask Jesus to heal me, deliver me… Do I really believe he is able and will do it. I want to have faith. I want to believe. God, increase my faith!! And help me to pray bold prayers and believe you can and will answer them!!

    • erin

      So true, Laura–do we believe that Jesus brings life from death? faith from doubt? joy from sorrow? Even though God has done this for me so many times, I am like the grumbling Israelites, murmuring about the wait. sigh. Yes, Lord, increase my faith!

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