2011 Disney World Half Marathon

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The Patch has been quiet this week. Did you miss me? I was away in Florida, running the Disney World Half Marathon.

You may remember that last year Mike and I ran the Disney half marathon together. Well, together as in completing the same race, not together as in running side by side. He’s way too speedy for me.

I’m so glad my first half marathon was at Disney and with Mike, but I was so happy that this year I got to run it with someone, side by side. My dear friend “Rosa” has wanted to run this race for several years, so we hatched a plan to run it in 2011. And because we run the same pace, we got to experience all the Disney hoopla together. It was fabulous!

The running itself was fun and felt good until mile 9. That’s when I started to feel tired and wimpy. Rosa helped me stay steady. At some point she sweetly asked if I wanted to slow down; my reply was that it wouldn’t help—I just wanted to be done. Slowing down would only prolong the discomfort! I felt especially grouchy between miles 10 and 11, although Rosa said I wasn’t snippy with her (whew!). I just got really quiet, except for some wheezy-like breathing.

My issues with discomfort are exactly why I need to run. I’m still conditioning my inner wimp. With each stretch, I hope to gain an ounce of stamina and grit. Needless to say, there are more races in my future because my progress is rather slow.

In summary, Disney knows how to put on a good show! If you are looking for a great race experience, you’ll get it there. The Disney Magic doesn’t eliminate the discomfort of running, but it is more tolerable there. Here’s a recap of the fun:

Race Info
The half marathon (13.1 miles) starts at EPCOT with fireworks and music. Runners make their way to Magic Kingdom, run through the park, then turn back and run home to EPCOT. Runners are told to be at the start by 5:00 a.m. because the race starts at 5:35, with waves sent out about every five minutes thereafter.

Fun Pre-Race Facts
wake-up call at 2:53 a.m.
hours of sleep: 5.5
on the bus at 3:30 a.m.
weather at race start: 51 degrees

Favorite Race Memories

  • the fireworks at the start
  • the shirt a runner was wearing that said “I Hate Running” across the back
  • the calypso version of “It’s a Small World” blaring as we ran through the Magic Kingdom entrance
  • the royal bugle welcome as we ran through Cinderella’s castle
  • the lounge singer serenade (“The Love Boat”) at mile 8
  • crossing the finish line

Race Results
21,953 runners | placed 3,326
finish time of 2:00:57 (averaged 9:13/mile)
1st 5K: 29:31 (9:30/mile)
2nd 5K: 28:43 (9:14/mile)
3rd 5K: 27:59 (9:00/mile)
final 3.8 Miles: 34:44 (9:08/mile)

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