2012 Quarter 1 Bible Reading Report

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Sounds so official, doesn’t it?

One of the benefits of a blog is the perception of accountability it provides: If I post something I’m praying about or dedicating my time to, it’s out there for the world to see.

Perhaps accountability is too strong a descriptor—it’s rare to have anyone press me for a report on my progress—but I will take these nudges even if they are imagined. I remember the goals I’ve tossed out even if no one else does.

So I’m reporting today on my first quarter’s progress in the Daily Drink and the Sabbath Soak, the Bible reading challenge I set for myself this year.

The Daily Drink
I developed the Daily Drink after discovering that it supposedly takes the average reader 75 hours to read through the entire Bible. That’s 4,500 minutes or 12 minutes a day. So I decided to read for 12 minutes each day, moving through the books of the Bible in alphabetical order. I’ve read Acts, Amos, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Colossians, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, and Daniel. I’m currently in Deuteronomy.

So far, I’ve truly enjoyed the reading and the pondering, spending time in God’s Word. I have not, however, read for 12 minutes every day. But I’m keeping at it, and I’ll just see how far down the alpha list I get by December 31.

The Sabbath Soak
To complement the Daily Drink, I developed the Sabbath Soak. I wanted to dig a bit deeper into a chunk of Scripture each Sunday. The goal would be to read a selected passage each Sunday for that month, consulting various translations and doing some extra study on words and cross references.

My progress here has been pretty sad. I read Ephesians a few times in January, but got thrown off in February (India wiped me out, in such a good way!) and I haven’t recovered (yet). I would like to come back to this soaking for the second quarter, so I’ll let you know if things improve.

So that’s my 2012 Quarter 1 report! Not as steady as I would like, but still engaged and excited about the plan. Ultimately, it’s not really about the plan but about knowing the Lord better. The plan simply keeps me focused. It reminds me of the training plans I develop for running half marathons. Rarely do I follow them perfectly, but without the plan, I am at a total loss. Plans give me the structure that my personality lacks.

Did you embark on a 2012 Bible reading plan? I’d love to hear of your progress! Let’s encourage each other to press on.

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