2012 Quarter 3 Bible Reading Report

By October 9, 2012 faith One Comment

It’s the home stretch, my fellow Bible readers! Fall is upon us, and that means we have one quarter left in 2012. Before I look ahead, however, I need to see how far I’ve come in my 2012 reading plan.

The Daily Drink = 12 minutes in the Word each day
By the end of Quarter 2, I was reading somewhere in Ezekiel. I mentioned that my reading rate was on track for two years rather than one. (hmpf.) During Quarter 3, I finished Ezekiel as well as Ezra, Galatians, Genesis, Habakkuk, Haggai, Hebrews, Hosea, Isaiah, and James. I’m currently reading in Jeremiah. I needed to know the painful truth of how far behind I’ve gotten in 2012, so I calculated the page count for each book of the Bible. I am exactly one quarter behind in my reading. So I will be done sometime in March, unless I read more each day.

The Sabbath Soak = dig into a passage of interest each Sunday
No extra soaking, but I continue to spend more time in the Word than on other days, which is a nice treat.

My progress isn’t on track, and that’s frustrating. But I am in the Word, spending time with the Lord, which is the point of a Bible reading plan. Being a whole quarter behind hurts a little, proving that I am missing more days than I think. I fall on grace and ask God to grow an unquenchable desire in me for Him and His Word.

Crooked but Growing

I see myself as the tree in the photo I’ve titled “Crooked but Growing.” I’m a little off center, but still rooted and reaching toward the sun.

So that’s my 2012 Quarter 3 progress! I’d love to finish by January 1 . . . but that’s mainly because I would like to start something else for 2013, and I hate loose ends. I’ll be back December 31 to let you know what happens.

Did you embark on a 2012 Bible reading plan? I’d love to hear of your progress! Let’s encourage each other to press on.

Photo Credit
“Crooked but Growing.” Normal, Illinois. Personal photograph by Erin Straza. September 2012.

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