31ish Days | Comfort Detox: Comfort and I Go Way Back

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Convictions about comfort-based thinking and living have plagued me for years. Listen to this from an older post I wrote dated 2007 (my first year of blogging!). In it I lament how comfort’s call has such a say on my behavior:

Every time I give in to the call, I have weakened my resolve, my self-control, my independence. It’s like a cord is being tightened, binding me to my familiar jaunts, drawing me back again and again. And then I begin to incorporate it into my regular life, making the indulgence more of a habit. When the habit becomes routine, what then? I bet I’ll find a new indulgence. Soon, my whole life looks like one big self-soothing gala, as I move from one luxury to the next, slowly making the special into the mundane.

Luxuries and treats are so because we don’t have the pleasure of enjoying them regularly. But what happens when the special becomes familiar? We want more. What we have isn’t enough. Addiction turns the special into the mundane, creating a bare-minimum dose needed to feel good in the moment.

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Since 2007, God has been prompting me to take steps out of this Land of Comfort. Slowly, oh so slowly, changes have come. I place my trust in Christ, who died for me and grants me the ability to keep on the way with Him.

What luxury has become commonplace in your life? Does your life ever feel like one big self-soothing gala?

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