31ish Days | Comfort Detox: Disruptive Faith

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Some say that faith is a crutch, as if we are merely limping through life and need just a little support to get through. I see faith in Christ as more than a crutch—more like a life preserver to one who is certain to drown or a defibrillator for a heart that needs life.

Faith doesn’t just come in to take up a small corner of our lives. When Jesus rescues us from sin and shocks our spiritual hearts to life, everything changes. Faith is disruptive. And disruption is rarely comfortable.

A. W. Tozer wrote A Disruptive Faith: Expect God to Disrupt Your Life to address this. In it, Tozer outlines three specific ways (pg. ii) that God’s move disrupts us:

  1. For the non-Christian, faith is a disturbance, a deep sense of conviction over sin that alerts us to our need for God’s mercy.
  2. For the Christian, there is the ongoing disruption of complacency, prodding us forward to rest fully in all that Jesus has done for us.
  3. For the mature Christian, there is the steady walk of faith that usually leads down a disturbing and disruptive path toward deeper experience of God.

All this disruption is uncomfortable. It shakes things up. Jesus isn’t coming to assist us in living the same old life we were living. Nope. He comes to give us a new life, a different life, a life that is based on God and not self. New life in Christ unites us to God, bringing great joy and satisfaction even as it prods us to let go of the old life we once knew.

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Our old comfort sources aren’t reliable but leaving the jaunts we are so familiar with isn’t easy. The life of faith trusts that God is good, that He disrupts us so that He can bring us greater comfort, lasting comfort, straight from His hand.

How has God disrupted your life? I’d love to hear your story.


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