31ish Days | Comfort Detox: Find Yourself a Daily Desert

By October 25, 2012 faith 2 Comments

A friend of mine just returned a borrowed book, Henri Nouwen’s The Way of the Heart. And because I’m a messy at heart, it sits with about six other books at the edge of my desk, staring at me, beckoning me to spend time with it. This morning I picked it up, flipping through its heavy-stock pages. Something I had marked in a previous read caught my eye:

We have, indeed, to fashion our own desert where we can withdraw every day, shake off our compulsions, and dwell in the gentle healing presence of our Lord.1

The desert is stripped of all distraction and comfort. It is there that we can focus on our primary need: life. In a spiritual sense, when we spend time with Jesus we need a desert. Distractions or comforts are only in the way of receiving everything we need for life and godliness straight from the source of Life.

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This is what a daily pursuit of Comfort Detox might look like.

Have you ever tried pulling back from the abundance of the world to spend time in the desert with the Lord?

1. Nouwen, Henri J. M. The Way of the Heart. New York: Ballantine, 1991. 21. Print.

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