31ish Days | Comfort Detox: Goldilocks Mentality

By October 6, 2012 culture, faith 3 Comments

There are all kinds of comfort addiction: physical, emotional, food, relational, spiritual, mental, and more.

Today, let’s talk physical comfort.

I like to be comfortable physically. Not too hot, not too cold—Just Right. I call this my Goldilocks Mentality. It has a prominent place in my writing project, because my pursuit of Just Right keeps me stuck in the middle, where I’m not too anything. There I sit, not wanting to stress or tax myself.

But I’ve found that the more careful I am about staying away from my physical limits, the smaller my comfort zone gets. It shrinks as I sit in the middle—in my climate-regulated home with the heat or air conditioning soothing me. As I miss out on life.

That’s rather sad, isn’t it?

Especially because Jesus came to give us life—full, abundant life. Not Just Right, shrinking boundaries. I don’t want to miss the very life Jesus bought me because I fear being stretched. Comfort Detox is part of my journey to embracing the fullness that Jesus brings.

When I regularly walk the edges of my physical comfort zone, I am more familiar with the territory. Then it doesn’t scare me so much. But I have to be willing to step out and move and live.

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That’s when my Just Right gets stretched, and little more Life comes in as I trust Jesus with every part of me.

How does your need for physical comfort affect how you live life? Do you walk the edges of your comfort zones to grow into a bigger Just Right? I’d love to hear about it.

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