31ish Days | Comfort Detox: Runner’s High

By October 20, 2012 culture, faith 4 Comments

Running has been a crucial factor in my Comfort Detox journey. It’s a challenge for me, even after a few years of consistent training. I’m not a natural, but I do it because I need the challenge.

People speak of runner’s high, some sort of euphoria when everything clicks during a run and you feel like you could run forever. Um, no—can’t say I’ve ever felt like I could run forever. The closest I get is the joy after every.single.run. when it’s over and I stop my watch. I run for that euphoria, knowing it’s waiting for me at the edge of my driveway.

I’m OK with that though, because running with my eyes set on the finish is such a great lesson. In all aspects of Comfort Detox, the problem is that Comfort whispers to us that it is better not to push, not to do anything disruptive, not to get off the couch, not to be inconvenienced. But I’ve found each time I choose to do otherwise, it was so worth it. The push and disruption are worth it to get off the couch and living life, and what was seen as an inconvenience was actually an opportunity to see God do something unexpected.

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Comfort tells us that pushing against it will be awful. But each time I ignore Comfort, I find it is actually the best choice I could have made.

What do you push yourself to do because you know it’s worth it in the end? How does Comfort lure you to the proverbial couch?

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