31ish Days | Comfort Detox: Temporary Fixes

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While in Colorado this past summer, I faced two tasks: (1) work on my book project and (2) embark on my very own Boulder Coffee Fest. Those two went hand-in-hand and brought me lots of joy!

I visited 15 coffee shops and sampled many delicious brews as I pondered, prayed, wrote, deleted, and searched for words. I loved every bit of it!

On one of my last days in Colorado, I camped out at a place called Atlas Purveyors. There were several drinks that caught my eye; the barista recommended a honey/cinnamon/vanilla latte concoction, and I swooned. That was my sort of drink! After ordering and getting settled at my seat with a view of Pearl Street, I jolted.

I’m writing about comfort addiction as I sip a drink called Comfort Coffee. How fitting.

Well, I must admit—that delicious coffee served up some emotional, physical, and mental comfort during that writing session. Comfort Coffee was crowned the Boulder Coffee Fest winner. It was a treat, yes; but its dose of comfort was momentary. That sort of comfort is fleeting, at best.

In cases like this, I have a choice to make: Do I load up on more Comfort Coffee? Or do I acknowledge that I have needs that this world can’t satisfy and look to something greater than comfort (in any form) can offer?

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Our longing for comfort is not all bad. It can lead us to Comfort Coffee or comfy clothes or whatever to get some pleasure and relief and rejuvenation. But those are temporary fixes to a permanent gap that only the Lord Jesus can fill.

What gaps do you hope comfort will fill? Does comfort disappoint you sometimes?

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