31ish Days | Comfort Detox: The Pull of Comfort

By October 5, 2012 culture, faith No Comments

Comfort is one of those things that is so commonplace, we notice it most when it disappears. Like when our routines get shuffled. Or our relationships go haywire. Or we have to run more than 10 minutes.

Then we scramble like mad to find it again.

What’s wrong with our pursuit of comfort? Well, sometimes nothing. Certainly chaos isn’t a fun way to go about life.

But sometimes comfort’s pull is so strong that we become a slave to it. Comfort becomes our vice. It becomes the Snuggie that keeps us from living life fully because we fear losing our cozy spot.

We guard our routines when we could use a change of pace. We stay in toxic relationships when we should build a hedge. We quit running altogether.

Comfort has a greater pull on my heart—and life—than I care to admit. And it’s keeping me from living a full life. I do believe a little comfort detox is in order. Want to join me?

Have you seen comfort’s lull at work in your life? What areas of life do you seek comfort in? Do share!

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