31ish Days | Comfort Detox: Wasted Opportunities

By October 9, 2012 culture, faith One Comment

Yesterday, a friend sent me a link to a post by Tim Challies, titled “Spying out the Land.” (Thanks, Judith!) I was so surprised to find the post was all about comfort! The very thing I’ve been mulling over and the very theme of this 31ish Days project, right there on Tim Challies’s blog.

Challies speaks of how can comfort drive him to live the easy life:

“So much of what I do in life, so many of the decisions I make, are driven primarily by considerations of my own comfort. I do what I do because it is more comfortable than the alternative; I choose to go this way instead of that way because the opposite looks like it may just bring too much discomfort. I’m kind of a coward, I guess, and kind of consumed with keeping life safe and easy.”

He continues with an analysis of “the twelve Israelite spies who were sent to scout out the Promised Land (Numbers 13)” and how they were scared to move forward because there were giants in the land. The entire post is worth the read, but I appreciate how Challies wraps the post:

“The assessment of those ten spies was dead wrong. They saw the giants in the land and assumed far too much. The giants were quaking in fear, knowing that they could do nothing before the power and the promises of the Lord. The pagan giants had more faith than God’s people did. Forty years and an entire generation was wasted because fear and a desire for comfort overcame trust in the promises of God. I wonder what opportunities I have wasted already, and what opportunities I will be tempted to waste today, all in the name of comfort.”

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Where does safety and ease redirect you in day-to-day life? What opportunities have you wasted in the name of comfort?

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