40 Is a Magical Number

By July 3, 2012 faith 5 Comments

Today is the big day: A new decade spans before me. I love new beginnings, so I have my rose-colored glasses firmly in place as I dream of what my 40s will bring.

For this chunk of my life, there are so many things I would love to see. Deeper relationships with God and Mike and family and friends. Spiritual growth—feasting on the Word and living by it. Progress in a writing project. A stretching of my comfort zone is in order, for sure. Organization would be nice (for everyone involved). A life that’s more and more about Jesus—and less and less about me, myself, and I.

All that sounds great! If this decade is to be different from the ones before, then I can’t live the same old way and expect different results. Comfortable routines need some shaking and old habits need the boot.

hmmm . . . the rose-colored glasses just cracked a bit—because reality is, change isn’t easy. I sort of like to be comfy cozy. I can be really wimpy in all respects.

Running has been God’s severe mercy for me and my wimpy self. When I felt prompted to start running again back in 2009, it was because I needed to be saved from my comfort addiction. It had me in its grip.

But God’s mercy was stronger. Through the discomfort of running, God has begun to dislodge comfort’s grip that was strangling the life out of me.

I continue to run because it hurts. When I run, I am reminded that all my comfort seeking makes for a very soft girl (literally! physically, emotionally, spiritually).

I’m saying no to squishy living in a big way in this decade by kicking it off with the Goofy Challenge. In just six months, I will attempt to finish the half and full marathons at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. It’s the Goofy, because only a silly dog would consider completing the half marathon on Saturday and then go out for a 26.2-mile “recovery run” on Sunday.

That’s right, folks, I’ll be (mostly) running 39.3 miles in two days. I’m considering another .7 to make it a perfect 40 miles. I’m already out there, right?!

with Rosa, sporting our Disney Coast to Coast bling, earned  in honor of her 40th last year

Honestly, if I think about it too much the hives kick in. I’m so glad that running friend Rosa has kindly agreed to go Goofy with me. Misery loves company! We’re busily planning all the fuel we will need to get us through the miles. I was thinking cupcakes, but I’ve not been able to find a cupcake-holding fuel belt as of yet.

That’s my story: New decade ahead. Rose-colored glasses in place. Squishy living is sad. Goofy Challenge is scary. Jesus is my everything.

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