A Boatless Boat Ride (Fun for All!)

By May 6, 2008 culture No Comments

Yes, I’m still here . . . and thanks for continuing to visit, even though my previous post was more than two weeks ago (amazingly, the world has not rotated off its axis by my blogging negligence). I have an excuse though—I was on vacation, out of the country, with no convenient access to my blog. (And if I had spent my vacation blogging, I would have been a bigger geek than I already fear.)

I’ve been home—on solid, unmoving ground—just over 24 hours now. But my brain must have loved the 28 hours of motion via boat, plane, bus, and car, because it has not returned itself to normal. I feel like I am on a boat here in the middle of farmland. I have taken naps and taken Bonine—neither is a lasting cure. I think I just have to wait it out.

When the boat lets me off on shore, I’ll have a new post for you. (Even though I didn’t blog during my trip, my writer’s bent couldn’t help but keep a mental list of observations in need of processing.) Hope you’ll be back! And I hope the new posts will be worth your wait.

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