A Confident Hope

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Live life long enough, and you come to realize that suffering cannot be avoided. There are betrayals and disappointments and trials and more. They wear us down, turn us inside out.

Hope in Shadow

If we aren’t careful, the sorrow will steal everything from us, even our hope. And we cannot make it without hope. It is oxygen for the soul, even in heartache—especially in heartache. Without it, we suffocate.

Any hope I have that’s true is found in God. He has demonstrated His love and care for us in His Son, who came to conquer the sin-mess of this world and all that works to bring us down.

But we have to keep reminding ourselves of the truth, of the hope, of Christ. When we are knee-deep in sorrow, we forget.

My artist friend Angel is hosting a show this weekend titled A Confident HOPE in conjunction with the DBA F1rst Fr1day Artist Showcase. There she will showcase art of all kinds that point us to the only hope that is sure: Jesus. Visit Angel’s gallery (101 W. Monroe, Suite 201, Bloomington) Friday from 4 to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. to see the collection.

Here is my word art for the show. Enjoy and may you be inspired to yield to this confident hope in Christ.

Gold from Shadows
Inspired by Romans 8:18–39

this dark day heartaches ebb and flow
in the shadows gathering
as a cocoon

so lament, groan with all of creation
your Maker collects it
as golden thread

with which to weave Redemption’s Story
and hand-hewn protective love
as a shield

birthed in the Son, proven cross-death true
now raised, seated, alive forevermore
as glory Divine

pouring out as Many Waters
filling the throne room with your name
as tenderness true

nothing in all creation can silence or thwart
the confident Christ-hope that bursts
as dawn

Photo Credit
“Hope in Shadow.” Anna Maria Island, Florida. Personal photograph by Erin Straza. May 2012.

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