A Deep Contrast

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My heart and brain can’t keep with the experiences I’ve had on this adventure to India. Jetlag isn’t helping my effort to process—the time from my U.S. Wednesday to my Indian Friday are lumped together as one long day. All I can do is describe the experiences I’ve had in the general order of occurrence.

It’s never fun to be dropped into to the middle of a story with no context. So let me explain: I’m in India with the staff of As Our Own, an organization that stands in the gap on behalf of children in danger of being exploited and enslaved.

Travel Round Up
Here’s how it went down: We left Chicago Wednesday evening, taking an eight-hour flight to Frankfurt. After a five-hour layover, we had another eight-hour flight to India. The flights were great! But exhausting and disorienting. Upon arrival, we went to our hotel for naps and showers, and a delicious breakfast at the hotel (I had an omelet and curry with sweet potatoes).

The Darkness
We visited the red-light district. I have never in all my life felt such a heavy darkness. My heart was raging at the injustice and exploitation. How is this place for real? There is no price too great for getting another slave’s daughter out before she gets sucked into this horrific existence. I saw children running about in this dark place; they have just a few years before they will be inducted into the permanent madness. I can’t stand it.

The In-Between
Overwhelmed is the only way to describe the aftermath of the walk-through. Such sadness for the loss of life, the dismal existence. I had to talk myself down from a total melt. The emotions are tucked just under the surface. Watch out, people! One poke, and it will all come gushing out.

The Bright Hope
Later in the afternoon we traveled to Faith Home, where 30-some girls have been rescued from life paths that were leading them straight to district existence. Their singing-and-rose-petal welcome filled my heart with inexplicable joy. All I could think was this is redemption. Their praises to Jesus made me cry. All the kids I saw earlier in the day need to be in this love-filled, safe place.

Prayer, Please
My prayers are now filled with the contrast between the district and the As Our Own family. I am greedy for the district kids to have the latter, to have life. There is much more ahead, so I ask for prayer support:

That I would take my experiences and process them into new communications for As Our Own

That I would let my heart continue to break for these things that break God’s heart

That I would be filled with God’s love and presence so I have something worthwhile to give others

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