A New Twist on the Six Degrees of Separation Game

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734px-Six_degrees_of_separationDuring the sermon at my church yesterday, my pastor was giving a great illustration that reminded me of that six degrees of separation game.

It’s the idea that any two people are separated by six acquaintances or less. The Hollywood version purports that actors are linked to Kevin Bacon in six movies or less. I like to call it the K-Bacon Scale; whatever you call it, the lower the score the higher the clout for an individual actor.

Now, my pastor was not talking about this at all. But he was talking about the fact that Christians are appointed to represent Jesus to everyone we know. So every person we come into contact with—family, friends, acquaintances, strangers—will get a sense of who Jesus is based on how we represent Him. And he challenged us to think about how we can so represent Jesus that people would want to know Him more and move closer to Him.

That’s when I thought of the Christian version of the K-Bacon Scale: The people I come into contact with could be intrigued to move closer to Jesus because of me. Or worse, they may wish to move further away from Him because of me.

So the question is, are people drawn to Jesus when they are around me? Do people detect His loving presence and abounding joy overflowing from in my own life? Do people wish to move closer to Jesus because of how I represent Him? Do they wish to lower the degree of separation between them and Jesus?

When Jesus was in the midst of His earthly ministry, people couldn’t get close enough to Him. Thousands of people would crowd around Him and follow Him everywhere. They wouldn’t leave Him alone.

I’m drawn to Jesus like this—He has worked in my life, freeing me from sin and guilt and shame so I can live secure in the Father’s love. I can’t get close enough to Him. That’s what I want for everyone I come into contact with: that they would want to get closer to Jesus with no degree of separation whatsoever.

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