A Peek at My Notes from True Woman 12

By September 25, 2012 faith One Comment

If you haven’t stopped by The Patch in the past week, you missed my True Woman ’12 post flurry. I served as part of the TW blog team during the conference in Indianapolis, posting thoughts and doing my best to Tweet and update Facebook as time and situations allowed.

After all the hubbub, I needed a few days to rest and process. The rest has been good; the processing has just begun. I’ve looked over my notes—scratched words and phrases, some hardly legible. I’ve remembered how my heart burned with hope and joy at the hearing of God’s Word, evidences of His presence. It was worth the time and effort to be there, to seek God with other women. I’m so glad I didn’t miss Him.

Although experiences like these are always most meaningful to the person present, how I want all of you to have been there too! I like shared experiences; it gives short-hand for future conversation. I’ll settle for sharing some snippets from my notes of the sessions I attended. I think these sentiments provide a lovely mosaic, all pointing to the heart of the weekend. Also, each session was reviewed on the TW Blog, so you can read more there, and if a particular topic strikes your fancy, you can always order that session from the TW store.

And now, enjoy the sound-bite version of True Woman ’12!

We have a seeking God. He comes after us in Christ.

We are a seeking people. What does my heart seek most?

Knowing Jesus doesn’t just happen—we must be intentional.

We have forgotten that in Christ, we are forgiven. It is finished. Jesus is responsible for the world—not me. I am responsible to depend on Jesus.

We are a people rich with things but spiritually impoverished.

The Christian walk is one step forward, two steps back. When others are on their two steps back, give grace, then cheer them on to their one step forward.

Our empty places make room for God’s presence.

In the risky places of faith, we will be rendered speechless by God’s move.

Forgiveness toward others for the wrongs done to me is like taking a spiritual bath—it scrubs off all the anger, hurt, bitterness, and grief from my own soul.

We go to Jesus to get a broken heart, a contrite heart, a humble heart—go to Him and ask Him for what you need.

When Jesus comes near, nothing is normal or comfortable—He heals, changes, redeems, frees.

Remember that the God of glory on the mountaintop of our joys is the same God of grace in the valley of our hardships.

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