A Peek Behind My Work Curtain

By February 28, 2020 culture One Comment

As a freelance communications consultant, I am often asked to explain what it is exactly that I do. I presume that’s because the words freelance, communications, and consultant can mean all kinds of things, and no one knows for sure which things are intended when I say them.

What I mean by these words is that I help organizations and companies craft strategic messaging that is then used in their communications. I analyze their current communications, assess their audiences and goals, and then I write content to best position them for missional success—for nonprofits, success is donor funding that fuels the ministry work; for companies, success is capturing the attention of potential customers and moving them to purchase. Every website, brochure, email, and video needs someone to craft every single word you see and hear for that message to succeed. I am the writer who puts those words in order.

In 2019, I worked with 19 different organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit, from five states and six countries.

Here are just a few projects that showcase the sort of work I get to do every day.


messaging strategy + creation for gala print pieces // design by Krista Kuniyoshi

learn more at JanesRoom.org


messaging for web + print campaign // strategy + design by Spoon Creative

learn more at VikingLimitedEdition.com


messaging for donor communications (email, digital, print) // design by OX Creative

learn more at ByTheHand.org


campaign planning + messaging (print, web, video) // design by Krista Kuniyoshi

learn more at YARealty.com
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