A Rooftop Summons

By May 28, 2009 faith, language No Comments

All is hazy in morning’s dim glow
somewhere beyond, doves are cooing, purring,
serving as nature’s alarm announcing daybreak.
They prompt me to still roads;
I shake off sleep’s muffle with each step.
At rhythmic pace, lost in thought,
mulling what’s ahead, fretting what’s behind;
tying mental strings around fingers of responsibility.

Preoccupied, I’m missing miracles all about;
the supposedly common put on hold for another day’s notice.
Leaving many wonders passed by,
presumed ordinary are mysteries that need
a bit of time to see past the familiar:
singing waters, darting cottontail,
a hush of wind, the birth of a leaf.
All go unnoticed, covered in the mental fog;
an unintended waste.

Suddenly all is pushed back
by the glorious blast of
a creature seated upon high.
Daring all to take notice, awaken to life—
for there’s a goose on a roof, three stories up.
Ripping focus from within and out of the trance,
it calls for regard
of this wondrous world.

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