A Tale of Two Teen Lit Series: Flowers in the Attic and Sweet Valley High

By January 22, 2014 culture No Comments


Considering the books I consumed in my preteen/teen years, I guess I should be glad I made it out as well as I did. First it was all light and airy with the Sweet Valley High books. Then it turned dark and twisted with the Flowers in the Attic book and its sequels. The reading fare alone confirms that I do not have any desire to relive those years.

Lifetime has released a TV special of Flowers in the Attic—from the clips I’ve seen, it’s better than the 1987 version. But I don’t think I’ll be tracking it down for a viewing. Just seeing the clips brought back a flood of memories about growing up and reading and needing a better story than either of these two series could dish out. I wrote all about it over at Christ and Pop Culture if you want to hear more. Here’s to reading with an eye set on the true story.

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