A Western (as in Cowboy) Christmas

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Howdy, partners! Gather ’round—I got a tale to tell.

It’s all about a madcap aunt (yours truly) and three little tykes (Miss HM, the Jedi, and Mr. Happy Feet) and some cowboy-boot-wearing snowmen. Here’s what happened:

I wanted to throw a little Christmas shindig for my sister’s kids. For months it has been at the back of my mind. But a planner I am not, so those ponderings didn’t turn into action until . . . well, until the morning of the party.

With six hours until party time, I needed my ideas to come to life—pronto. So I headed off to Hobby Lobby, thinking it would have everything a poor-party-planner would need, all in one stop.

First, I gathered all the supplies for our craft. (Yes, a craft. Me. You readers who know me are likely giggling yourselves silly. Just wait till you see what we did though . . .) After reading the nifty instructions and seeing the adorable sample provided by Artsy Fartsy, I thought I could tackle this (forgetting that there would be three.children.needing.help).

Then I browsed the Christmas party aisles, and I fell in love with some 40-percent-off snowmen plates and mugs . . . cowboy snowmen, with hats, boots, and spurs. Too cute! Who doesn’t love a Western-cowboy-snowmen Christmas theme? (Only party poopers, and they wouldn’t be invited anyhow.)

Now the visions of sugarplums were doing a crazy dance in my head. How I wish I had done some of this supply gathering the previous day! I had too many ideas and not enough time to do them. I had to focus and keep it simple. That’s when I saw Christmas M-n-M’s and Rainblo bubble gum—little treats to dress-up the table. Perfect. And done.

All my findings in tow, I raced home to wash the mugs and plates and search out the Goo B Gone for the stickers (why? why must price tags be made of industrial-grade adhesive?). I set the table, organized the craft, located my Bible, and made some cookies.

The kids arrived and chose their favorite snowman cowboy scene. Miss HM chose the guitar-playing snowman (“just like Hannah Montana!”). The Jedi chose the happy snowman holding the Howdy sign. Mr. Happy Feet chose the sheriff snowman with the star badge. I didn’t know which set would appeal to which child, but after all was settled, it seemed just right.

Mr. Happy Feet

the Jedi

Miss HM

As I let the kids get jazzed up on sugar, I read to them from John chapter 1, and we discussed how Jesus came, taking on flesh. We had some sweet conversation about what Jesus’ birth (and death and resurrection) mean for us and why we remember and celebrate. The lively discussion was brought to a close by Miss HM, who had just noticed my fiber optic snowman and excitedly proclaimed him. (See—everyone likes a fiber optic snowman.)

This seemed like a good transition to craft time. So I cleared the plates and mugs and brought out the supplies and instructions.

Trio times two.

The end result of the craft was good (see the smiling faces and the happy little snowman trio?)—the process was typical, I’m sure, just not what I am accustomed to. There was a lot of gleeful commentary (translation: demand for help). It was an overload to my senses, but fun.

My happy snowgal.

I finished my own little snowman this morning, when I could hear myself think and have all the time I needed to be really particular about a baby-sock-turned-snowman. (Not too bad for one as craft-challenged as I am!)

So that’s the tale of my Western Christmas. Now I’m off to drift along with the tumbling tumbleweeds.

Merry Christmas, y’all.

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