Hello! I’m Erin Straza, nonprofit communications specialist.

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Most of my professional work has lived within the nonprofit sector—and I’ve loved every bit of it. Today, I work with nonprofits across the country, helping them make their mission irresistible to donors with communications strategies that resolve mission-critical blind spots.

In addition to advising and training nonprofit teams, I also have a few corporate clients that I work with. I provide creative messaging support and strategy for brand development and promotional campaigns.

I love words and ideas, which is why I am most often reading, writing, or talking about things that stir me, heart and soul. I’m an author and writer, a podcast talker, and an avid reader.

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Erin Straza // Chief Content Strategist for Nonprofits

MBA / Nonprofit & Corporate Communications / University Communications Professor / Author

I help nonprofits make their mission irresistible to donors.

After more than a decade of nonprofit communications consulting, I’ve been on the inside of dozens of organizations. I’ve seen what makes them tick. And I’ve seen what stalls them out.

Most nonprofits are full of bright, exceptional, driven staff members who are simply too swamped to step back from the frenzy to make objective changes. I come in with a fresh eye and objective perspective to shift the narrative.

Everything I’ve learned from working in corporate communications, nonprofit consulting, university teaching, and creative writing combines to help you become message savvy.

I believe nonprofits have the power to make the world a better place. I know that winsome, purposeful communications have the power to inspire donors and compel them to invest. And I would love to coach you toward a full-scope communications solution that leads to the revenue growth you need to fund your world-changing vision.

My approach for impactful, purposeful donor communications is a proven strategy and plan that equips nonprofit teams and leaders to do the good the world needs by attracting like-minded donors to invest in their mission.

I work with nonprofit leaders—CEOs, executive directors, communications staff, and fund development teams—who:

  • are ready to exchange uninspired, generic, disordered communication efforts for compelling, precise, organized messaging
  • want to attract and secure more revenue, more consistently from their donors
  • have a staff member dedicated to communications strategy and execution, but need an objective, expert partner to implement a fresh, effective approach