And the Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down

By September 18, 2008 faith No Comments

Remember that song from the Winnie the Pooh tale? It’s a bit fuzzy for me, but I think poor Piglet’s house took on so much water that he and all his possessions were floating about the room.

We had some rain over the weekend that reminded me of Piglet and Pooh’s adventure.

There wasn’t enough water in our basement to see this scene live, but it was enough to ruin the carpeting (as well as some things that I had wanted to purge from the storage closet anyway; but now there is no guilt!).

A friend of mine also had a watery mess in her finished basement, with the same carpet-loss result. I was commenting to her that I was so grateful the damage was minor and that I live here, in the United States, where we have insurance and means to recover.

[I realize that even here recovery can be slow when the damage is extensive—such as with Hurricane Katrina. Even so, the hope of recovery along the Gulf Coast is what frustrates so many; a country such as ours should be able to restore itself within time. As compared to the prospects for recovery in third world countries, however, we are greatly blessed. Many poor countries have no hope or expectation for recovery because they do not have the resources.]

As I relayed all this to my friend, she remarked what a perfect biblical illustration all this was:

That in Christ Jesus are all the resources we need for disaster recovery (i.e. sin). If we live in Christ, we have access to Him and all that He is, giving us hope for the future. If we do not live in Christ, however, we remain in our sin and brokenness because we lack the resources to recover, stealing away all hope for the future.

Amen to that.

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