Another Racing First: Alarm Trouble

By April 30, 2013 culture One Comment

Well, I survived every runner’s race day fear: I overslept.

Yep. Every time I run the Champaign half marathon something is off-kilter—heat in 2010, illness in 2011, and now oversleeping in 2013. oh.boy.

Here’s what happened:

As I snuggled into bed Friday night at the iHotel, I set my phone’s alarm for 5:40 a.m. That would give me 40 minutes to wake up, get ready, and eat something before my 6:20 meeting with other Team East White Oak runners who were racing in honor of As Our Own daughter Premila.

I woke up before my alarm, feeling rested and content. I wondered how much longer I had until my alarm, so I clicked my phone from its sleep mode. It said 6:05 a.m. I stared at it, trying to comprehend what my eyes were seeing. No . . . that can’t be right, I thought. But a quick look to the draped window with the sun peeking through told me the sad truth: My alarm was set incorrectly, and I had overslept.

Panic hit me as I jumped out of bed and told Mike that I was late. The next 30 seconds I spun around the room, unsure what to do. Mike’s voice of reason made all the difference—he told me to just get dressed, because I wasn’t late for the race (yet), just a bit behind to meet the As Our Own team.

teamEWOWhew! I got ready in record time and was just a few moments late for our team meeting. By 6:40 I was heading to the start with Rosa, hoping I had everything I needed. Rosa and I didn’t have huge expectations for the race because both of us had our training disrupted (I was battling a nasty head cold, and she had lost regular training due to her Hubster’s mishap with a snow blower a few months ago).

After reviewing my past results for this race, I decided on two potential goals:

1. Get my best time for this course, which would be anything under 2:05 (2010 = 2:05:06 and 2011 = 2:05:07—how consistent!).

2. Try to break 2 hours.

And because Rosa is a rock-star runner, I figured she might be game for one or both. We decided to start running and see how it shook out. We chatted and laughed through the first half of the race, but Rosa mentioned a few times that she just wasn’t feeling it. We stopped twice before mile 8, and that’s when Rosa encouraged me to go on without her. My heart was torn! But I went on and decided to run the last 5.1 miles hard to see if I could get either of the two goals.

Running hard at the end of the race is rather invigorating—I rarely pass people, so this was quite different for me! I finished in 2:01:42, with my last 5.1 miles averaging 8:30 per mile. So I conquered goal #1 and had a great finish!

Also encouraging was the support I received from many for my As Our Own fund-raising goal of $750. So far I’ve collected $925! And I’m still waiting on the Dine to Donate funds from Avanti’s. I have great family and friends! And Team East White Oak is so very close to our overall goal of $5,000—currently at $4,115. These funds help As Our Own in their mission to love their daughters for life. Partnering with them has been a tremendous joy, knowing that the girls I met last year while in India are greatly loved, excelling in school, and pursuing their gifts and talents.

Despite the alarm drama, I did what I set out to do for this race: Run in honor of daughter Premila and for these girls who have stolen my heart!

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