Are Some Comm Tools Morally Superior?

By April 12, 2012 culture, faith No Comments

There are lots of options for communicating today: Facebook, Skype, Twitter, SMS, Phone, Smoke Signals, Morse Code, and more. Skype has a new campaign that claims using Skype is a morally superior choice, because it doesn’t use lowly text-speak and it brings a closer connection to those you are talking to.

I explore the validity of that claim in this week’s Mixed Signals over at Christ and Pop Culture. I’m thinking that no matter which comm tool you use, it’s the words that make all the difference in building up a relationship or tearing it down.

Click over to read my analysis, Mixed Signals: Skype’s Campaign Wants to Bring Back Social Graces. And get leave your thoughts in the comments.


Mixed Signals is my weekly musing about marketing miscellany in advertising, branding, and messaging hosted each Thursday at Christ and Pop Culture.

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