Art that bolsters my soul

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A Step of Faith A Step of Faith a painting by Angel Ambrose

One great blessing I have in life is to have dear friends to share the walk with. Not just acquaintances. I mean kindred spirits: people I can call at a moment’s notice and dump the depths of my heart in all its shock and glory. And I do this. Often. And these great women have not run off screaming. (Yet.)

My closest circle of friends meets twice a month for such therapeutic honesty. We put it all out there, sit with each other in the middle of it, and pray for encouragement, movement, and grace. We point each other back to faith and truth and life, all found in Christ Jesus.

I have other friends that I do not see as often, but time does not erase the ability to be brutally honest and extraordinarily merciful. One such friend is Angel. She is an astounding artist, a painter. I love her work; it speaks to the depths. Photographs and scans do little justice to capture the beauty of her work. But at the very least you can catch a glimpse via this nifty electronic tool. Seeing her work in person, I become engrossed and locked in to the colors and shapes that speak volumes. Check out her site and the recent feature article about her work.

I hope it moves you as it has me.

Here’s to art and dear friends and sharing the journey of faith.

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