Artful Words

By October 12, 2010 culture, faith, language No Comments

Today I’m writing.

I’m communing with new ideas, getting to know them over a cup of coffee here at my friend’s art studio. My friend graciously invited me to a regular creative date at her studio so that I can write and she can create art, and together, we can be faithful to the echoes in our souls.

The studio oozes peace and energy—which is somehow not oxymoronic. Paintings and photography adorn the walls, speaking of deep things. Art pieces exude some whimsy and mystery. Here truth reverberates in imperceptible whispers. I’m catching them with the net of my heart and translating the bounty into written prose.

I’m stringing words together like a strand of pearls. I’m stitching phrases together—knit one, purl two.

Today I’m writing. Today I feel like me.


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