Balancing interests, amusements, and purpose

By August 21, 2007 culture, faith No Comments

So I’m back at it, wrestling over how I spend my time and money and thoughts and faith. Today, I am thinking about my purpose in life; in the most basic sense it is to know God and make Him known. This, I hope, weaves its way into all I do (that’s wishful thinking, but what I would love to be true!), all my work and play.

The problem I see is when the purpose fades into the background as work or interests or amusements take center stage. My purpose becomes secondary for the time being. There are many things to pull our focus away from loving God and loving others. And there are many things that produce unnecessary guilt and fear in us, pushing us even further into these side projects.

TLC is running a new series, Kids by the Dozen. I’ve seen just one episode, the one featuring the Jeub family with their 13 children. It was fascinating to watch them corral and love their children. One comment made by Wendy Jeub (the mom) struck me. As she described her life with so many people to care for, she said that they don’t have a pretty yard, but that was OK because she wasn’t doing yards, she was doing kids. She knows her purpose, and attending to a lawn and flowers would distract her from her purpose.

Depending on your life, you have more or less room to add in such pursuits (having a garden and children is not wrong). But I find it interesting that Wendy knows, considering her life and family, what is reasonable and what’s most important. And she also knows what must be let go for another time or let go of permanently.

I think most of us women lack this ability to assess and rank what we need to do and then focus on that for the long haul. I think it is very difficult to step out of what’s popular and “expected” in terms of interests and amusements so that there is time to pursue the purpose.

How are you doing in this? I’d love to hear how you balance the amusements and the purpose of life.

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