Beach Therapy (aka Beach Retreat 2012)

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The ocean speaks to me. It tells me great mysteries of God and the world and my place in relation to both.

The ocean awaits.

My heart gobbles up every word, hungry for the nourishment. It’s like therapy.

This is why I love coming to this beach bungalow, where the ocean spreads herself out before us beckoning for us to stop and stare and simply be in her presence. She is God’s instrument, playing a song that my ears strain to hear. It is a melody that sets my insides straight again.

I’ve been here before—this is the fourth time I’ve been blessed to steal away a week at this house, with these friends. Although I typically tire of routine, this one is a joy. We know the house, the streets, the restaurants, the stores. We drop into this place easily so that all our time and attention can be fixed on the retreating.

An explanation of this beach retreat can be found in this post, but in sum it is about three things:

  • time with God
  • time with friends
  • time with words (reading them and writing them)

Three of my very favorite things! As always, the only thing that would make it better is to have my hubby here. He selflessly encourages me to come and get refreshed. He loves me well. I want to bottle up the sunshine and ocean air and give it to him as a thank-you gift. I know it doesn’t work that way, but certainly traces of being here will remain in me forever. I can’t wait to see how God uses this time away to fill me with His presence and shape me into His likeness. This is the essence of beach therapy.

Photo Credit
“Discover.” Anna Maria Island, Florida. Personal photograph by Erin Straza. April 2012.

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