Before and After: Passion Week Ponderings

By April 10, 2009 faith No Comments

This passion week I’ve been thinking of Jesus’ followers, trying to imagine how I would have reacted to the stupefying end to the Lord’s life. It’s difficult to comprehend their confusion and sorrow on this side of the resurrection.

I come to the passion week knowing the glorious end; those followers knew nothing but present grief.

I do not know their depth of despair; neither do I know the soaring heights they felt upon discovering the empty tomb or finding Jesus in their midst.

But in my own life I do have a before and after in regard to Jesus. Before my 17th birthday, I did not know Jesus, did not know the meaning of His death, did not know the power of His resurrection. I knew the power of guilt and shame though. That was suffocatingly real and evident.

And then, Jesus came. He flooded my life with Life; everything changed. I discovered the meaning of the empty tomb and the power of the blood. Guilt and shame scurried away. I found Jesus in my midst.

Perhaps I have more in common with the disciples than I thought.

Four Days

Last night you wondered
what would become
of the Man you had followed
and fervently loved

And today you ponder
in grief, there on a tree
He droops with sorrow
in pain, trying to breathe

Tomorrow you go back
to what you once knew
now aimless, not knowing
what else you should do

But the day after that
all this will change
as light infuses the tomb
and He calls your name

All is well! All is right!
In this world now purchased
as the Lord of Creation
fulfills His grand purpose

All this is yet confusing
and hard to believe
but this is known truly
Jesus is arisen indeed

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