Befuddled by Search Engine Terms

By November 24, 2008 culture, language No Comments

If you were to look at the top three most common search engine terms that deliver people to my blog’s door, you might think that my blog is mainly about brochures that outline 1) the reasons people come to America or 2) the unending fascination of sand collecting.

Of my 94 posts, I have written one about the blessings of living in this country (and why it makes sense then that people would want to live here); I have also written one post about sand collecting. And I mention the brochures I’ve completed in consulting projects on my freelancing page.

What is interesting to me is that the things I write about most often are not the things that people are looking for via Google. Perhaps what I typically write about is of no interest to anyone at all. Or maybe I do a horrible job titling my posts and adding tags. Whatever.

Anyhow, it’s got me wondering how people arrive to your door.

So look at your all-time stats for search engine terms: What are the three most common search strains for your blog?

Share ’em here. I’m curious!

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