Beyond the Sparkle of Christmas-as-Usual

By December 8, 2008 culture No Comments

Please tell me I’m not the only one who hasn’t yet decorated for Christmas!

I had intended to decorate this past week, but some family emergencies cropped up instead. Now it is December 8, just 17 days until Christmas. [eek!] Decorating is always low-key for me (sheer laziness, I admit—it’s not the decorating that gets me; it’s the undecorating).

In addition to the decorating, I do have shopping to tackle (most of which I’ll do online) and Christmas goodies to think about (cookies are a high priority around here!).

Yesterday’s message at my church was a reminder not to miss Christmas due to distractions. How easy it is to get so busy about the business of Christmas that the meaning of it is missed entirely.

So I’m pondering how I can adjust what I do—or how I do what I do—so that my celebrations are full. I don’t want to wake up on December 25 and realize all I’ve done has been empty and devoid of meaning. I want to celebrate, through holiday markers both new and usual, the miracle of God drawing near to us by taking on flesh. The mystery is great; but how grateful I am that God chased after humanity.

Here’s to a rich, full Christmas celebration!

Beyond the Sparkle

twinkle lights flash of glory soon to come
glittering adornments fancy the eye for ethereal hope
boughs of willow ’round the doorway echo Passover’s sign
swaddled boxes hiding treasures inside
candle warmth melts frozen fears within
soft melodies known all these years
deeper still let these seasonal symbols be
reminders of the newborn yet coming King

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