Blessing Bingo

By February 14, 2012 culture, faith No Comments

No one should take a trip without a little something called Blessing Bingo. Dearest friend Krista made these cards for us, keeping us alert to all that God would do in our midst during our travels. Sherry Didi, Ali Didi, and I have enjoyed chatting about the squares we’ve been able to cross off. Here’s what has filled my card and heart to the full just four days into the trip.

Was pure in heart > so aware of my need for humility and so grateful to be part of God’s Kingdom

Was a peacemaker > in my own heart by refusing to let worry steal away these precious memories (“Be still and know that I am God”)

Mourned > the loss of life and freedom for those in the district

Read a good book > A Horse and His Boy, C. S. Lewis—makes my heart soar!

Talked to husband > on Skype—what a blessing to stay connected although we’re half-a-world away

Witnessed the drama of redemption > upon seeing the shining life and hope of the littlest girls after seeing the wrenching darkness of the district

Was shown kindness > by everyone I’ve met, offering me a warm welcome accompanied with singing, dancing, flowers

Slept well > loving the cool breeze of Indian nights

Arrived in India with luggage > amen!

Reminded of hope > as the oldest girls shared their dreams for the future

Connected with a child > my heart skips a beat every time I hear one of the girls call out, “Over here, Erin Didi!”

Talked about Jesus > during devotional with the girls

Was poor in spirit > constantly being reminded of my need for the Lord (and have found Him so very faithful every step)

Saw the sunrise > thanks to the jet lag

Hungered for righteousness > longing for God’s life to manifest within me

Made a friend > learning some simple words and phrases from the staff

Good time in the Word > camping out in my favorite passages from Isaiah

Ate something delicious > curry! pistachio ice cream!

Worked for the Gospel > writing of all God is doing here via blog and future article ideas

Sang with Indian Christians > enjoyed a favorite, “Hosanna in the Highest”

Laughed > tons! with staff team (ping pong)

Worshipped God in another country > during a wide sunset on the open prairie

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