Boosting My Cool Factor

By August 30, 2011 culture, faith No Comments

CaCP Writers: original art by Seth Hahne

For the past few months I’ve been a contributing writer over at Christ and Pop Culture (CaCP). This is a place where you can read about everything from politics and arts to parenting and beer.

You’ll find feature articles that help you process our world from a decidedly Christian perspective (although it will likely come from an unexpected angle). And each once is enhanced with original art from Seth Hahne. Check out the art I’ve included here from a recent CaCP post: artistic renderings of the writing crew. (Can you figure out which one is me?!)

You’ll also find topic-specific weekly columns with a briefing on the latest hullabaloo in that arena. For example, I write about marketing communications in my weekly column called Mixed Signals. Each week you can get a little taste of the current marketing miscellany in advertising, branding, and messaging, and how Christians can think clearly about all that.

All in all, I can’t recommend these writers to you enough—they are creative, thoughtful, and spunky. Their banter on the CaCP writers’ forum is witty and downright entertaining (sorry, only CaCP writers allowed—but take my word for it, these people are funny).

Honestly, I hope their insight and humor rub off on me the more I am in their company, because they increase my cool factor tenfold.

Last week was both exciting and frustrating over at CaCP—traffic zoomed  . . . and the bandwidth burst. The site was down for a few days. So the editors took the downtime to regroup and relaunch. This week, CaCP is alive and well, with some exciting changes in store.

Put Christ and Pop Culture in your blog reader or get the feed to your e-mail. And you can catch my Mixed Signals column now each Thursday—it used to be Friday, but now you don’t have to wait so late in the week for your dose of marketing goodness. I think you’ll enjoy CaCP as much as I do! Hope to see  you there. Comments and shares are welcome and encouraging.

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