Join the Breath for the Bones Book Club

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In progress! One chapter a week through November. Discussion posts on Thursdays. There’s plenty of time to join the club!

Get the Book: Breath for the Bones—Art, Imagination and Spirit: A Reflection of Creativity and Faith by Luci Shaw. *Back-ordered books are in soon! So discussion will be in full swing next week after everyone has a copy. Hope you’ll join in!

Join the Discussion: Read the book (one chapter per week) | Check out participant posts (meet the club) | Write posts and submit your links here (weekly posts not required) | Share your comments (encouraged, not required)

Get Ready: Begins Thursday, September 17, with Post #1 on the book’s Introduction | Post #2 on chapter one for the following Thursday (9/24)—and so on for the remaining chapters

Hosted by: Rancho Ruperto and filling my patch of sky

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