Breathing in Faith

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Hello, Poem. We’ve not been meeting like we used to. It’s my fault, really, as I’ve been busy writing in full sentences with proper grammar and well-defined thoughts. And you, in all your quirky playfulness, got pushed to the side. My heart gets crusty without you. Thanks for pursuing me.

I’ve missed you.


Faith Behind Glass

see faith enclosed
there behind the glass
behind the warning:
it waits to be needed

but it’s for display only
in a life of hospital corners
tucked in Jesus’ name
deep where the beginnings
can’t be traced
crisp and clean

does this
require faith
when there is margin
and white space
enough to contain
me, myself, and I?

only when the
unraveling begins
is the glass shattered
and faith freed from its tomb

faith comes alive
when the corners don’t meet
and the frayed edges
show the world
that life isn’t so neat
after all

faith grows in fields
of shattered glass and
in the unraveled heaps
in need of a restoration
that can’t be made
by tidying up the place

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