Busy on the Outside, Zombie on the Inside

By October 4, 2017 faith No Comments

Some seasons of life are packed so full that we go into hyper-drive to get it all done. Family, friends, work, school, church, sports, clubs, social events, volunteering, appointments, errands—and this doesn’t even touch the things that we are worried about and praying for and trying to decide.

Life crammed in like this may work for a time, but eventually something has to give. When faced with overload, our internal systems look for ways to conserve energy. Often that results in some functions moving to autopilot mode. We’re still going through the motions of life, but inside our hearts have powered down. We become zombies on the inside.

Jesus told the believers in Laodicea, “I see your works” (Revelation 3:15). They were still doing that churches do, behaving like church people behave, good works and all that. From the outside, all looked normal.

But the inside told a different story. Jesus cried: “You are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot!” One commentary said that while cold water is refreshing and hot water is soothing, lukewarm water does little to bring greater life. And what is true of water is true of the soul. Souls that are lukewarm have little life in them.

When I’m overloaded, I start to pout a little. I wonder if anyone notices that I’m racing about, doing all I can to keep the works rolling. Do you ever feel that way? Like you are stretching yourself thin every-which-way, and no one seems to care? It’s a great comfort to me that Jesus says to the believers at Laodicea, “I see.” Jesus sees you and me too. He sees that you want to do good in the world, that you want to keep your word even when it would be easier to back out, that you feel run-down and unappreciated. Jesus sees how weary you are, how your external works may be good but they cost you. Your insides are dying even as you keep on keeping on.

But Jesus sees your insides, festering as they are from lukewarm temperatures. His wish is that you would not remain lukewarm but instead be hot or cold, be full of life. The good news is that He is the balm our insides need.

Are you going through the motions today, this week, this season? Has busy living left you lukewarm? What steps can you take to switch out of hyper-drive and tend to your insides?

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