Coffee-a-Month Roundup for 2017

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For two years now, my new year’s resolutions have included trying a new coffee each month. In 2016, this was the only goal I achieved. (Priorities, right?) In 2017, life got away from me a few times; three months were barren, devoid of freshly roasted beans. Such a shame! I love researching roasters and selecting coffee to sample. But even nine months of delicious coffee is a huge win. And treat.

So here’s my tasting roundup for 2017. Some picks were better than others. Some I remember better than others—let’s blame poor notes and poor memory for missing details. Several are tagged highly recommended because these were the most pleasing to my tastes. You’ll see that most are from Central America; those coffees are my favorite, so I typically pick a bean grown from that part of the world.

Although I’m still developing my goals for 2018, the coffee-a-month goal will be on the list once again. If you have a great coffee roaster to recommend, please post it in the comments!


Coffee Selections for 2017


January: Sightglass Coffee \ Otro Lado, Colombia

Highly recommended; bonus points for amazing branding and packaging.



February: Boomtown Coffee \ Sonora Honey, Costa Rica

My first experience of Boomtown Coffee was in Houston, Texas, at the Honeymoon Cafe & Bar—the very spot I met Sarah Cottrell for a glorious #CAPCmeetup. These beans had “chocolate, toffee, fruit tasting notes” for a warm, delicious cup of coffee.


March: Elemental Coffee \ Costa Rica

Highly recommended and my favorite pick of 2017—so good I could drink it straight (no sugar, no dairy).


April: Ritual Coffee Roasters \ La Pinona, Honduras

I loved this branding and the coffee was equally enjoyable.



May: Slate Coffee Roasters \ Sitio Groto Funda, Brazil

Highly recommended; the description sold me: “extremely sweet with notes of marshmallow, date, vanilla, and molasses, followed by subtle dried fruit notes of cranberry, raisin, and fig along with the ever present overtone of creamy milk chocolate.”


June: Cloud Forest; Honduras

My friend (and fellow Lodge Lady) Dorothy brought this home from her trip to Honduras. It was super strong and rich and my basic coffee-making skills couldn’t get it tasting right, which is so sad!


September: River City Roasters \ Honduras Santa Elena Jose Blas

Highly recommended; the River City coffee shop is in downtown Wheaton, Illinois, a place I visit a few times a year when I have meetings in the area. I picked up this selection after meeting there with the remarkable Joy Beth Smith for a #CAPCmeetup.

October: Grassroots Coffee \ Colombia Excelsa

Highly recommended; bonus points for great packaging with extra print materials included in the box; tasting notes of milk chocolate, caramel, and honey—it was quite good.


December: Portola Coffee Roasters \ Sitio de Torre, Brazil

Warm flavors of (supposedly) Medjool Date, Fig Jam, and Dutch Chocolate; not sure if I detected these but it was a good cup of coffee.



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