Conversations That Count

By March 20, 2008 culture, faith No Comments

I hate interpersonal conflict. So when I encounter those awkward conversations in which it feels like I am “missing” the other person—unable to connect at a heart level—I get antsy. I worry that it means the relationship is headed for conflict.

And because my heart longs for connectedness—with my husband, my friends, my family, and with the Lord Jesus—I can be overly sensitive to vibes that may or may not exist. (You women know what I’m talking about!) For me, disconnected conversation is a sign of a weakening relationship, and that makes me quite unsettled. I want to connect with my loved ones and build strong relationships that stand the test of life on earth.

So when I heard a radio message the other day addressing this desire for deeper, connected conversation, was I attentive! It was an interview of Larry Crabb for his book Soul Talk. I was only able to hear a portion of the program, but what I heard was so encouraging! Crabb challenges believers to go after the deep things of heart and soul with those around us, to mine for the gems hidden within each of us, to truly seek to know others.

Well, I was intrigued! So I’ve picked up the book and plan to see how I can do a better job listening to others, seeking to know and cherish them and their stories.

Seeking to know the depths of those I care for is exactly what I meant in a previous post, in which I lamented about how much of our conversation is in the “safe zone” of products and consumption experiences rather than out in the deeper, eternal realm. Maybe this book will help me grasp a way to inch forward and be a better wife, friend, family member, and Christ-follower.

Here’s to refinement and growth!

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