Creative Stretch #3: Metaphor Hunting

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Creative Stretch posts encourage “the care and feeding of the imagination and the spirit” (Luci Shaw, Breath for the Bones).

Many times I have had the pleasant surprise of experiencing God’s nearness when I haven’t really been looking for Him. He crashes through my toughened senses to capture my attention in some unexpected way—perhaps the way the sun is breaking through the clouds or the way geese land upon the waters. Then I remember the truth, that God is real, that He is near.

I’ve also watched scenarios play out before my eyes and can almost hear the whisper of the Lord, “Watch this, Erin. There is a parallel truth here.” Then a metaphor unfolds, all delicate and newborn for me to pluck and treasure. (As was the case here.)

Both of these usher the holy into the commonplace, teaching me to see God more fully.

In Breath for the Bones, author Luci Shaw says “metaphor doesn’t explain but illustrates something true by showing us something else that illustrates the same truth” (Shaw 52). She expands upon this, explaining:

Metaphor is imagination serving truth. As we are seeing, God consistently uses this imaginative way of helping us to translate what we may think of as abstract “spiritual truth” into something accessible and possible, and real. (Shaw 49–50)

For this Creative Stretch, let’s allow our imaginations to serve truth. Ask God to open your eyes over the next days, to show you the divine tucked in among the earthly. What sort of parallels do you find? What metaphors are discovered?

For an inspirational kick-start, check out this recent offering by Leah.

Then set your eyes to see and your ears to hear, and come on back to share how God broke into your little world.


Yes, today is Thursday, and it should be book club discussion day—but we’re taking a one-week hiatus.

Come back next Thursday for discussion posts on chapter 4, “Learning from Story.”

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