Creative Work Roundup

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Happy Monday, my friends! It’s a new week and the start of a new month. Two months of 2015 are behind us. It’s day 61 of 365.

How is your year going? Are you still focusing on your goals? I think I’m doing well so far. Although I haven’t done my February review yet, I am fairly certain it will be encouraging. Getting back to this writing nook is one of those encouraging shifts. Posts may have been sparse here recently, but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been writing. I’ve had interesting and challenging creative projects that have taken most of my energy.

Want to hear about them? I’ll take that as a yes!


InnovatorThe first project I am excited to share is one from work, the Innovators team. At Spread Truth, I get to work with super talented people! Earlier this year, we launched a team for people who invest monthly through Spread Truth. This is the first collaboration from our new creative team, and I am so pleased with the result.

Coworker Josh designed the team identity and logo (and many print support pieces) for the campaign that I developed and the content that I wrote. And coworker Phil designed this animated video for the script that I crafted:


Great work, huh?! Being part of this team fuels my creativity. I love my job!


The second project is one you’ve heard about for quite some time now: Comfort Detox. My editing team recommended some changes to the front matter and chapter 1, so I was deep into that from January 1 until last week. Their suggestions were spot on, and now I need to work those concepts into the remaining 100 pages as I wait to hear news from them on a potential contract. I haven’t set a date for these edits, but I need to! And soon.



artwork by Seth Hahne

The third project is something through Christ and Pop Culture. It’s a weekly podcast that I am hosting with Hannah Anderson, called Persuasion: Fine Ladies, Rational Minds, and the Best Kind of Company. Our goal with the show is to offer feminine insight on culture, theology, and everyday minutia—without reducing it to a podcast about “women’s issues.” Quite the challenge! (Read Hannah’s take on the show here.)

And it’s a challenge for me especially because I think best through a keyboard and I tend to be a slow processor. As you can guess, podcasting is sort of opposite of that. So I am being stretched and challenged, and talking with Hannah and our guests has been great fun.

And can I just gush a bit about our show’s artwork designed by CAPC Illustrator Seth Hahne? His play on Jane Austen and modern culture is simply brilliant. You can listen to Persuasion here each week. Or listen on iTunes, where you could also give us a rating and a review! We are grateful for your ear and your feedback.


So that’s what I’ve been up to as of late! I hope you got some new day, new week, new month inspiration from these highly talented people.

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