Curiosity Journal for June 30, 2011

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Summer is for play, so I’m following Ann Kroeker’s lead in recording a Curiosity Journal here at The Patch. A Curiosity Journal is a place to record what I’m reading, playing with, learning of, reacting to, and writing about. I’m recording it in a lovely artistic journal (see photo), then summarizing my entries here for the online world to see.

Check out Ann’s entries here. Join the fun by recording your own journal and linking here and at Ann’s.


Reading: with a new friend. My church is hosting Terrific Tuesdays throughout the summer at an elementary school. The kids come to play games, practice reading, and hear a Bible story. I’m there to read with kids, and I got to read with a sweet 6-year-old boy. My favorite read was the book titled Spoon by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Scott Magoon.

Playing: with childhood whimsy after viewing Cars 2. My 9-year-old nephew adores the Cars movie characters. When the release date for Cars 2 was announced and it was within a week of his birthday, my sister decided to get the whole family together for the viewing. Although this sort of play is rather passive, I left with a playful, light-hearted attitude, which is always good for curiosity.

Learning: how to be brave when confronted by a largish spider while alone, without my spider-slayer hubster.

Reacting: to a challenge to dream big for God’s Kingdom. I’m reading Carolyn Custis James’s Half the Church. I’m inspired to dream of how my gifts could increase God’s fame in the world. Still wrestling with how those dreams get moving in reality.

Writing: whatever is on my plate, both for work and for fun. Here’s a sampling from the past week or so:

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