Dwelling in All the Moments of 2016

By January 2, 2016 culture 2 Comments

My sis posted this to my Facebook wall just a few days ago. I had already developed my 2016 theme, but had not shared it. I’d call this God’s providential confirmation!

Too often my mind is set on another time or place instead of the one I’m currently inhabiting. I’m present but not, half listening, half invested, torn between whatever is and whatever is coming next.

Distraction as a way of life isn’t good. It reveals deep-seated egocentricity and self-dependence. Recognizing these patterns isn’t fun, but seeing the ugly is the first step to seeing God’s glory break through. And then I read Psalm 37, and it pulled me fully into the moment:

“Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness.” (v. 3)

Four points of action, Trust God. Do good. Dwell in the land. Befriend faithfulness. Four directives for the soul, applicable every moment and in every situation. What would my life be like if these four notions kept me in the here and now?

Dwell here is now my 2016 theme. I want to dwell right here, trusting God and doing good as I befriend God’s faithfulness to me, for it is here, if I look for it. Dwelling here means I set up camp, abide, rest, and make myself at home in this moment I have been given. In this moment I can cultivate a friendship with God’s promise to keep me and prosper my soul in the moments to come.

These four notions from Psalm 37 have shaped my 2016 vision—although I hold these goals loosely. God alone knows what 2016 will hold for me. But these are the things I am aiming for in the next 12 months, achievable only by God’s grace.

2016 Goals

soul care

Read and practice 1 chapter from Celebration of Discipline each month.
Meditate on and memorize John 14.
Take a monthly mini retreat.


Have a weekly date night with Mike.
Invest in loved ones and the least around me.

mental & emotional

Read 30 minutes daily.
Try a new coffee every month.

health & fitness

Run 4 times a week.
Complete a health challenge each month.
9PM bedtime on work nights

work & writing

Prep talks for Comfort Detox.
Order new print identity materials.

home life

Create a house task notebook.
Develop a housecleaning plan.
Track personal spending each month.

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