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Sometimes deep in my soul I sense the reality of God. Sometimes I don’t. But when I do, I am so grateful.

Today was a day of grateful wondering that God draws near to me.

It wasn’t anything magical or spectactual in the external sense. But within my soul, I was overwhelmed.

This knowing swept over me in church today while singing a simple, familiar hymn. [I love the mix of hymns and choruses sung at my church—such a rich texture for delighting in God!] The hymn was “Wonderful Grace of Jesus.”

I love this bit of the chorus:

Wonderful the matchless grace of Jesus,
Deeper than the mighty rolling sea;
Wonderful grace, all sufficient for me, even me,
[Higher than the mountain, sparkling like a fountain,] Broader than the scope of my transgressions,
Greater far than all my sin and shame

As well as this part of a verse:

By it I have been pardoned,
Saved to the uttermost.
Chains have been torn asunder,
Giving me liberty

God’s grace has come to me in Jesus Christ, both gentle and powerful. It’s deeper and higher and broader and greater than all I can fathom. That’s what struck me today. Grace is always more.

How grateful I am to be swallowed up, cleaned up, and engulfed by grace.

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