Finding the Forest in the Trees

By August 29, 2011 faith No Comments

Blackwater River State Forest, Florida

When life gets heavy, it is really difficult to see past this day (or this hour or this moment). The pain can cause us to wonder what the point is and why did life hand us a double portion of misery. Even for those of us who are Christians and know that there is more than this life, it is difficult to see the big picture when pain is clouding our view.

This is the sort of wrestling I’m doing today. Deep for a Monday, huh? Well, it was prompted by today’s reading for the Women of the Word challenge I’m part of through my church. More than 50 of us gals have committed to the E100 plan, taking us through 100 essential Bible passages in 100 days. Today’s reading was Genesis 21:1–22:19, the account of God’s request of Abram to sacrifice his son Isaac. The brutality of the request doesn’t line up with what I know of God. I had to step back because I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

Do you sometimes get lost in the trees? Pop over to EWO Women of the Word to read how I’m finding the forest in the trees. I wrote about all this in a post titled “God’s Severe Mercy.” Enjoy!

And happy Monday, deep thoughts, fuzzy sight, and all.

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